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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Umhlanga Reed Dance 2011 Pictures

The much anticipated colourful Umhlanga Reed Dance lived up to its standards as maidens from all corners of Swaziland gathered at the Ludzidzini Royal Residence to pay their respect to Their Majesties. The style was totally INSANE - fringes, nerd glasses, braids - you name it, it was all there as our beautiful girls danced the day away. Clearly, the girls have fun preparing themselves for the Reed Dance, check out the following pictures:

Prince Qethuka's daughter, Loma chilling with King Mswati III's daughter Tebukhosi and Schomile...check out the hairstyles!

The young shall grow...one is never too young to start taking part in the Dance

Pasha Zwane and her friend are flanked by these "Darkies" guys who can't help admiring Swazi beauty 

*singing* Put your swag on! put your swag on! Andile just had to rock those nerd glasses...neh?

Some of the girls (at the back) still keep it simple

A fusion of culture

How hot does Cebile Sithole look here...even this mbutfo (regiment) is taken hahahaha!

Were you also at the Reed Dance? do send us your pictures and we will publish them. Email: swazidivas@yahoo.com 

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Watch this space for more pictures...

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